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Reduces heat and cold

The application of a solar control film protects from heat and from ultraviolet radiation. It improves comfort by reducing solar energy which passes through glazed surfaces. We offer a broad range of products that improve heat rejection of your windows by 30% to 82%. This results in lower air conditioning costs and improved comfort.

Protects you from UVA and UVB beams

All our films filter almost all UV radiation, the principal reason for discolouration and material damage. Therefore, it's possible to apply an almost invisible film which will stop 99% of UVA and UVB radiation. The lifespan and look of your furniture will be extended. 

Protects your personal estate from discolouration

There are a lot of reasons that could cause material damage. The main one being solar radiance. Because it will stop the ultraviolet light and reduce heat, the application of a solar control window film will help protect your furniture  from discolouration. 

Reduces sun glare

If you have to close your shades and curtains or if to much brightness bothers you when it's sunny, a window film is the solution. Choose among our high efficiency films to improve your comfort.

Strengthens your windows and protects you from intrusions

Safety and security films are installed on existing windows in order to improve the level of protection to your  resistance.

Security films can reduce and delay a break-ins, but in  the event that the glass is shattered, the safety and security film will keep the majority of glass togetherminimizing a possible injury caused by an accident, vandalism, storm, or explosion.



Protect your windows (graffiti/vandalism/stripes),

Anti-graffiti films have been conceived to protect the glass against any intentional or non-intentional scratches. The thickness of the film acts as a barrier between the aggressor and the window. The protected surface stays intact. The film can be easily replaced, giving back the window its initial appearance.  

Keeps your privacy

in daytime, mirrored window films give you optimal privacy, obstructing the view from the outside while  maintaining an excellent visibility from the inside outwards. 

Tint your windows and embellish the appearance of your homes exterior.

Whether it's through the metallic aspect of our range "Reflexion" or through the discretion of our range "Nature", improve the appearance of your building.

Provides energy savings

Solar control films improve your window's performance to limit the gain of too much solar heat. Reduced load on air conditioning allows energy savings and increases the efficiency of the air conditioning system. 

In many cases, solar control films are simply an alternative to air conditioning. 

Films can also increase the characteristics of window's exposure, reducing heating costs by not loosing heat during cold seasons. Generally, these savings allow profitable window film within 2 to 5 years. 

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This is to confirm that all work made on a project is completely guaranteed (loss of adhesion, bubbles, fading); a residential lifetime warranty, starting from the date of final acceptance. 

In case of imperfection covered by this warranty, films will be removed and replaced by new ones without any additional fee to the owner. 

You will also benefit from a two year warranty for thermal breaks (cracks) resulting from the installation of a solar film, a decorative film or a security film from PELTI WINDOW FILMS. 



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